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Skinny or Fit for Longer Life? Picture of an elderly caucasian male working out with light dumbbells under the supervision of a younger caucasian female physical therapist.

Skinny or Fit for Longer Life?

People are constantly being told to watch their weight, but perhaps the advice should be watching their muscle mass. Research recently published in The American Journal of Medicine suggests that muscle mass index serves as a better predictor of long life than weight. [1] Most health care professionals are trained to focus on body mass […]

Is There a Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia? Picture of a black female looking concerned about a black male who looks lost in thought.

Is There a Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia?

A study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that higher blood glucose levels may increase the likelihood of dementia. [1] This statement holds true even for those who do not have diabetes but consistently exhibit higher than average blood sugar tests.  The ability to stay physically active is an important component […]

Does Running Cause Arthritis? Picture of 3 caucasian females and 3 caucasian males jogging.

Does Running Cause Arthritis?

It is a popular belief that the wear and tear of running causes osteoarthritis of the knees and other joints. Doctors now know this is not true. According to exercise scientist Paul Williams, studies show quite the opposite. [1] Williams heads up the National Runner’s Health Study as well as the National Walkers’ Health Study. […]

Snoring? Trouble Sleeping? Try Exercise. Picture of a caucasian male sleeping in bed and a caucasian female in bed with her pillow pulled over her ears.

Snoring? Trouble Sleeping? Try Exercise.

Insufficient or low-quality sleep may be more than an annoyance. It can be a major health concern meriting a visit to your general practitioner or a sleep specialist. Difficulty sleeping that impairs activities of daily living and lasts greater than three months meets the clinical definition of insomnia. Insomnia can be a disorder or a […]

Pet Ownership and Effect on Mental Health in Seniors. Black & White picture of an elderly caucasian female hugging a little black dog.

Pet Ownership and Effect on Mental Health in Seniors

As people get older, there is a risk of decline in mental health. Dr. Genieve Zhe Hui Gan and her team of researchers set out to explore the relationship between pet ownership in older adults and the influence on mental health.[1] The results of this study were published in the journal of Aging and Mental […]