Oftentimes, we find ourselves having to wear a bigger shoe size in our 50s than we did in our 20s. This is because our feet tend to get bigger as we age.

The main reason that feet get bigger is because of tendons and ligaments. They get laxer over time, which causes our feet to spread out. This is natural but can leave you more at risk of muscle tears. It can also lead to increased muscle pain and foot fatigue.

Another foot change is natural loss of fatty padding. The padding in our feet gets thinner over time. This causes the feet to not take shock and pressure as well, thus leading to foot pain.

Diseases like diabetes and arthritis can cause changes in the feet as well. For example, arthritis pain often manifests itself around the big toe of the foot, but it can be found in other places as well. It can also cause swelling of the feet to where the toes look like sausages.

Keep an eye on your feet. They signal bodily changes that need addressing. For example, diabetics often experience loss of feeling in feet or painful tingling. Also, be sure to adjust foot changes. Get your feet measured regularly so you are wearing the correct shoe size and invest in insoles to combat the loss of foot padding.

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