Caregiving is a hard task; no one will say otherwise. The stresses of it can lead to burnout. Respite care is meant to help remedy that. Respite care is care that is given by another so that the primary caregiver can take a break from his or her duties. It’s important to allow family caregivers to take a break every now and again. Some of the benefits of respite care are:

• Allowing time for self-care: Time away from caregiving allows the caregiver to take care of themselves. This is important because if the caregiver is running on empty, the quality of their care declines.

• Allowing time for errands: Time away from caregiving can allow the caregiver to take care of errands such as shopping.

• Allowing time for social engagement: Respite care can help free up a caregiver to spend time with friends and loved ones.

• Allowing time for relaxation: Caregiving is stressful. Caregivers need time to unwind all that stress.

If you or your loved ones need respite care, remember we are here to help. Our aides can help care for your loved one while you go out and do what you need to do for yourself.

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