Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be stressful. This is especially so when the loved one is agitated. Agitation can lead to aggressive behavior such as hitting, screaming, or cursing. These behaviors only add to caregiver stress.

Here are two general tips for dealing with an agitated person with Alzheimer’s:

  1. For safety purposes: Keep dangerous objects such as knives and guns locked away and out of sight of a person with Alzheimer’s.
  1. Discover what his or her emotional triggers are: Agitation is often brought on by discomfort. A wide variety of things could potentially trigger agitation. These could include being hungry, being confused, being lonely, and having his or her routine disrupted – among many others.

Once you’ve discovered the trigger, remember to tend to it in the future. By addressing the emotional trigger as it arises, you can help keep your loved one maintain a calmer state.

If you or someone you know is caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, remember, we are here to help. Our aide services make tasks of daily living easier for those with Alzheimer’s and for their caregivers.

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