Family caregivers are responsible for taking care of their older loved ones. Occasionally this responsibility may require legal documentation to help make care easier. Having the following documents on hand may reduce future headaches.

• A Will: This document should lay out what loved ones want to do with their property once they are gone.

• HIPPA Authorization: This document allows family caregivers access to their loved one’s medical records.

• Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care: This document allows a family caregiver the right to make health decisions if the person is no longer able to do it.

• Durable Power of Attorney for Finances: It is similar to the above document, but it for financial matters instead of health-related ones.

• Advance Directives: This documentation lays out how the loved one wants their end-of-life care to be handled. This can include a Do Not Resuscitate order.

These are some of the most essential documents for a family caregiver to have. Other important documents include financial records and insurance information. Having legal matters written out neatly and having the documentation ready may save a lot of trouble when those documents are needed.

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