For caregivers, planning an outing for your loved one might seem daunting. However, with proper steps, outings can be less stressful and more fun for the one you are caring for. Outings are important as being outside and social are important aspects of life. We’ll outline some tips below.

Look into the Venue Before You Go: No matter where you plan on going, a restaurant, a park, a mall, make sure that they have facilities that meet your loved one’s needs. For example, if you are caring for someone wheelchair-bound, make sure the venue has access points for wheelchairs.

Preparation Makes a World of Difference: Prepare for many different potential obstacles. For example, if your loved one has medicines they need to take, pack the next dosage and take it with you. Even if you are planning on coming back before they need to take it. You never know if you will get held up. Pack an extra change of clothes in case of accidents or changes in weather as well.

Plan: Know what the weather is going to be like and know the person you care for. If they are more energetic in the mornings, then that would probably be the best time to have the outing.

Outings, when carefully planned, can be fun for the person receiving care. They will appreciate the planning and work going into it, and you’ll get the reward of seeing them smiling and having fun.

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