A stroke happens when the brain isn’t getting the blood it needs. This can lead to a variety of health issues. Early treatment helps lower the chance of complications, so people need to know how to recognize a stroke. One method is the FAST test. This quick test checks for the most common symptoms. Here is how it works.

Face: Smile and see if one side of the face droops.

Arms: Raise both arms and see if one of them droops down.

Speech: Speak and check for slurred or strange speech.

Time: If any of these apply, call 911 immediately and write down the time you observed the symptoms.

Time is key when treating a stroke. The earlier you receive treatment, the less time there is for the brain to get damaged. Other possible symptoms include numbness in parts of the body, confusion, vision troubles, dizziness, and severe headache. Strokes are serious, so it is best to receive treatment for them as soon as possible.

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