Good nutrition is important for the body in general. It can help the body function better and can reduce the chances of developing issues down the line. But it’s also nice to know that good food can give us great hair. Below are some foods that specifically help foster healthy hair.

• Salmon: This fish can help make hair shine more.

• Lean chicken, quinoa, and chickpeas: These help the body replace hairs that fall off from everyday shedding

• Strawberries: The vitamin C in them helps prevent breakage.

• Beans: The iron in them helps prevent thinning.

• Coconut: Can help make hair shinier.

• Walnuts: Help keep hair fuller and stronger.

• Pumpkin seeds: Their zinc and omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent breakage.

• Shitake mushrooms: Help hair keep its color.

• Oats: Their zinc, biotin, and magnesium helps prevent breakage.

These are just some foods that can help improve hair. In general, foods with protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin C are good for hair. Incorporating foods such as these into a balanced diet not only makes a person healthier; it makes a person look healthier.

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