When retirees experience an accidental fall, it is common for them to try to hide it or downplay the seriousness. Too many people falsely believe that if they are upfront about their accidental falls that someone else will try to limit their independence. In fact, it’s a declining ability for safe gait and fear of falling again that limits retirees more.

When retirees experience an accidental fall, it’s imperative to begin a proactive strategy to minimize future risk and maximize personal ability. Discuss it with your doctor. Strategies are well known and commonly available. Anything from night lights in the hallway to raised toilet seats to exercise plans may make the difference needed in fall safety.

Sometimes exercise and home modifications are not enough to manage the risk of falling. That’s where we come in. We can send aides to help with daily tasks related to falling, help clients safely and confidently implement their exercise plans, and help keep the home free of tripping hazards. Most falls occur at home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Bathing and meal preparation pose more risk than other activities, and our aides are specifically trained to help clients manage these activities more safely. If you or someone you care for is falling at home, please call so we can discuss options for safety and greater freedom.

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