Regular daily routines are important for many reasons, especially as we age. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, a recent study finds that doing basic activities such as waking up, eating, and bathing, at the same time each day reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality.


The study included adults ranging in age from 58-89. Daily routines were determined by trained interviewers. Researchers found that those who followed routines took less time to fall asleep, had higher sleep efficiency (the amount of time actually spent sleeping while in bed), and experienced better sleep quality.


Changes in the body’s biological clock are common as we age, including reduced sleep quality. However, establishing a daily routine may counteract this.


Source: Zisberg A, Gur-Yaish N, Shochat T. Contribution of routine to sleep quality in community elderly. Sleep, 33 (4): 509-514.

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