Tis the season for large family dinners, festive holiday parties, and catching up with friends…With all of the hustle and bustle and sweet treats, who has time to focus on eating healthy and exercising? Weight gain is inevitable, right? Although it can be tough, here are some tips, along with a little determination, that can get you successfully through the holiday season.


Don’t forget the veggies – Vegetables are full of nutrients, fiber, and flavor and low in calories. They also make you less likely to crave sugar and fat. If half of your plate is vegetables, you are good to go.


Drink plenty of water – In addition to keeping us hydrated, a glass of water is sometimes all we need to resist cravings.


Eat a pre-meal meal – To avoid overeating, eat a mini balanced meal before you go. Arriving at the family dinner or company party hungry is setting yourself up to overeat. Your body will then store the extra food as fat.


Every step counts – Even 10 minutes of physical activity makes a difference. Go for a walk. Find quick and easy workouts online. When traveling, book a hotel that has a gym or is close to one.


While you may not meet achieve perfection or meet each one of your fitness goals during the holidays, acknowledge the successes and enjoy the season!

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