A recent study finds that those who feel younger than they really are live longer than those who feel their age or older. The study included nearly 6,500 participants whose average age was 65.8 years. Researchers analyzed the survival rates of the participants over an eight year follow-up period. The study shows the individuals who feel younger than their actual age have a 13% increase in survival rate over those who feel older, as well as a 5% increase over those who feel their true age.


The authors say those who feel younger tend to have a healthier lifestyle, experience less stress, and adhere to medical advice. The great news is self-perceived age can change and we can help. Our aides can give you or your loved-ones greater opportunity for activity and support. In addition, we can assist with grocery shopping and cooking to help improve the meals clients are getting.  Call us if you or someone you care about could do with more help around the home to reduce stress and pursue a healthy lifestyle.


Source: Rippon I, Steptoe A. Feeling old vs being old: associations between self-perceived age and mortality. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015; 175 (2): 307-309.

Feel Young Live Longer

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