Wet and slippery surfaces caused by the rain such as sidewalks and grass can be a challenge for everyone but can prove to be an even bigger test for retirees or those who use mobility aids.


Staying inside is not always an option, so if you must venture outdoors on rainy, wet days, here are six tips to remember.


  1. Wear shoes with good tread- Make sure the shoes you are wearing have grippy tread for slippery surfaces. You want to avoid shoes with heels and slick bottoms


  1. When using a mobility aid, such as a cane or crutches, make sure they are equipped with rubber or non-skid surfaces.


  1. Put the brakes on other aids- If using a mobility aid with wheels, be more attentive to using the brakes.


  1. Don’t be in a hurry- Take it slow and don’t be in a rush in rainy conditions. Plan ahead and leave earlier for appointments. Even if you are late, don’t be in a hurry on slippery surfaces. Take your time to prevent falls and injuries.


  1. Wipe the water from your shoes and walking aids when returning indoors- Take time to wipe excess water from your shoes, feet, and mobility aids. This will help from slipping on floors when returning inside.


  1. Consider the path you will take- Compare your different path options and choose the one that has the fewest obstacles. While one course may be longer, it may not be as wet and have fewer barriers to reach your destination.


When “rain, rain, go away” just isn’t working, use these tips to avoid falls and injuries.

Walking in Rain

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