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Does Hand Sanitizer Expire? Picture of a group of diverse hands being held straight up in the air.

Does Hand Sanitizer Expire?

With the events of COVID over the past few years, many people started using hand sanitizer more than before. Hand sanitizer is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it is required by law to have a lot number and expiration date. The purpose of the expiration date is to show the time […]

Grip Strength Is Important. Picture of a caucasian hand squeezing a piece of exercise equipment to strengthen the hands.

Grip Strength Is Important  

When it comes to areas of improvement for strength, grip strength isn’t commonly talked about. Any activity involving our hands has us using grip strength. Here are some areas that grip strength helps us with. Grip strength, a measure of body function, has been suggested as a biomarker of aging.1 Biomarkers are medical signs at […]

Smells Like Memory Loss. Picture of an older black man with a puzzled look on his face.

Smells Like Memory Loss

Someday, doctors may be able to screen for Alzheimer’s using a simple scratch and sniff test, according to researchers at Columbia University. Dysfunctions in major olfactory functional domains, including odor detection, identification, and discrimination, appear prior to cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).1 Therefore, olfactory function tests may have potential to help identify […]

Health Benefits of Blueberries. A close-up picture of a bunch of blueberries.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

With summer now upon us, it’s time for blueberry season. Blueberries have long been a favorite summertime snack. However, what you might not know is just how good for you those little blueberries really are. Here are some of the health benefits that they can bring to the table. Blueberries have many vitamins and minerals […]

Laughter is Good Medicine. Picture of an older black male and female laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Laughter is Good Medicine

Do you remember the last time you had a really good laugh? Both the mind and body can benefit from a good laugh. Children laugh so often each day, but adults tend to take life more seriously and laugh more infrequently. Here are just some of the examples showing the benefits of laughter. In addition […]

PTSD and Alzheimer’s Connection. Picture of an older black male and female hugging.

PTSD and Alzheimer’s Connection

New research involving PTSD may be uncovering a genetic cause of Alzheimer’s.Researchers from the University Medical Center Goettingen in Germany studied mice to see if there were any molecular connections between fear conditioning and early onset dementia. They came to this hypothesis after examining studies that have shown links between PTSD and Alzheimer’s.1 Those older […]

Exercises for Sciatica. Picture of a young caucasian female sitting at a desk at work and holding her lower back as if in pain.

Exercises for Sciatica

Irritation of the sciatic nerve causes sciatic pain. The pain typically starts from the lower back and goes down to the knee. Usually, sciatica affects only one buttock and leg: it is rare that both legs experience pain. This pain is usually constant and may come with weakness and numbness in the affected areas. A […]

Your Brain and Cholesterol. Picture of a brain shaped puzzle.

Your Brain and Cholesterol

A study led by Dr. Roelof Smit, a researcher at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, found that changes in LDL cholesterol levels may be especially damaging to cognitive functions—your memory, attention, language, and ability to reason.1 His study, published in the peer-review journal Circulation, followed more than 4,000 people between the ages of […]

African American couple concerned about aging and depression.

Aging or Depressed

Although depression is a mental health condition and is a widespread problem in older adults, it is not a general part of getting older. Due to some overlap between signs of depression and signs of getting older, depression is often not recognized or treated.  Elderly experiencing depression may just appear to be lost in thought […]

Falls and Low Vitamin D Levels. Picture of a pill bottle with vitamin D pills spilled out on the counter top.

Falls and Low Vitamin D Levels

Retirees who receive sufficient vitamin D can lower their risk for falls and fractures, says a recent consensus statement from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The statement aims to encourage primary healthcare providers to ensure that we receive enough vitamin D as we age. In addition to dietary sources, sunlight and supplements can […]